Three pastors from three different churches receive a fresh touch of heaven at the Toronto Blessing. The three churches come together and begin meeting four times a week to host revival. This movement was not a local church but a parachurch composed of three core churches and numerous other loosely connected churches. The move lasted until 1997.


Gail Fleming hears from the Lord, “I’m not done yet, I have a harvest in store for Seattle.” She returns to what has now been named New Beginnings Church. There is less than 20 people left. Pastor Gail and and the Elders change the name to Seattle Revival Center. The revival center will now be a local church. People begin coming back. There are now key leaders and Elders a part of the Board and Staff that were a part of the original three churches.


Darren Stott is in Indonesia and hears from the Lord regarding pastoral ministry at Seattle Revival Center.


Darren Stott becomes the Lead Pastor at SRC.

January 2016

James Goll prophesies over Jerame and Miranda Nelson that they will catalyze the West Coast Rumble. It will begin in San Diego. Jerame and Miranda Nelson host the Fire and Glory Conference with Joshua Mills and Bobby Conner. Miracles and glory begin breaking out and the conference continues.

February 2016

Team of leaders from SRC go to the Fire and Glory Outpouring and bring the outpouring back.
Jerame Nelson releases a prophetic word for Washington State regarding the Apple Wine Anointing.
Seattle Revival Center hosts Declaration Conference with Bobby Conner, Patricia King, Leif Hetland and Charlie Shamp. Miracles and glory break out. The conference extends and the Apple Wine Awakening is birthed.

February 2017

Seattle Revival Center celebrates one year anniversary of the Apple Wine Awakening. Seattle Revival Center has been hosting awakening meetings since February of 2016.