Sandi Hondiuk is a volunteer Elder at Seattle Revival Center and provides practical ministry oversight in several areas. Sandi has provided leadership, since 2009, in SRC’s Tuesday morning prayer gathering: the group corporately welcomes the presence of the Lord and hears and declares what He has to say over the church and region.
The Lord has been stirring a heart within Sandi to connect the North, South, East and West parts of the Pacific Northwest, on a quarterly basis, to engage Heaven together. This has resulted in a quarterly event that we call our Regional Revival Service.  Sandi’s jealousy for the presence of the Lord made her the perfect candidate for also providing oversight of our worship ministry at the church and she is currently mentoring three of SRC’s worship leaders.
Sandi has served as the President for Women’s Aglow for nine years, spoken at numerous events throughout the region and has helped disciple individuals by calling them forth into their calling.  Sandi functions in a governmental, prophetic role and seeks the will of God regarding times, seasons and Heavenly opportunities for the local church and the Pacific Northwest.  Sandi has a noticeable and distinctive posture of honor concerning the Bride of Christ and the presence of the Lord that sets her apart and makes her a wonderful blessing to the board of Elders, the local church and the Kingdom of God.
Sandi has been married to a wonderful man, Alex, for 44 years.  She has two grown children, Kimberly and Adam, and three grandchildren, Jordan, Kayden and Ashlyn.