Chelsea Carbonell

Chelsea Carbonell is a passionate lover of Jesus and His kids! 

 She loves seeing kids come into the fullness and freedom of God’s love! She facilities this goal through helping them learn to hear and see from Jesus as they are led by Holy Spirit, regularly memorizing and studying scripture, engaging in worship, and providing opportunities for them to make supportive relationships at church. She prays that the children understand who they are in Christ, and walk out their original destinies in God as Sons and Daughters of the Most High. (Eph. 2:10, 1 John 3:1).

Chelsea has been involved in Prophetic Arts for 10 years and Fine Art for longer. She currently shows her work at Seattle Revival Center, First Fruits Revolution Ministries, and  She loves helping kids engage in art as worship, and teaches prophetic art to children. She also teaches art classes at a homeschool co-op for grades K-12. 

Chelsea has a BA in Art and a Minor in Educational Psychology from George Fox University. She has been married to Chris for 15 years and has 4 children. She is an adoptive and homeschooling mother and has been active in groups supporting both types of families. Beginning with teaching a 2 year old Sunday school class at 16, she has been involved with children’s ministry for over 20 years. 
Chelsea has been involved in leadership in prayer ministry in the past, and has a passion for prophetic intersession, prayer for healing, deliverance, and teaching children how to pray in boldness and freedom