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Breaking Cycles: Moving from Pain to Power - SRC Women's Ministry

On September 28, SRC Women’s Ministry will host an evening of hope and redemption. At “Breaking Cycles,” you will see how God powerfully rescued two women out of the grips of trauma and lead them through the journey of transformational wholeness.

Our guest speakers are Bekah Baker and Teresa Nickell—dynamic motivational speakers, authors and life coaches. Genesis Ueligitone Parker, Worship Pastor at City View Church, will be leading us into a beautiful time of worship ignited with the Holy Spirit.

This is restoration in action at its finest! Don’t miss this amazing evening.

About Speakers

Bekah Baker- Bekah is a voice and advocate for women facing difficult transitions and is passionate about bringing awareness to self-care needed for healing from the trauma of domestic abuse. Bekah is a mom, motivational speaker, life coach and author of “Built to Break.”

Teresa Nickell – Through her own story of redemption, Teresa gives us a rare look into the journey of coming out of addiction, abuse and incarceration. If you are wondering why you or someone you love continues to make baffling life decisions and poor choices, Teresa offers a peek behind the curtain of just how and why that can happen as well as hope for those trying to change and encouragement to those trying to help them. She is the author of “The Girl in My Wallet.”