Fall 2018 semester begins Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 1:30 - 3 pm in the Chapel and continues for an additional six weeks. Activation School (AS101) is an overview of the culture at Seattle Revival Center. We introduce you to six transformational cultures that will challenge, reform and perhaps refresh your theology regarding who God is, who you are, and the mission of the church.  

Taught by the leaders and elders at SRC, AS101 is a 7-week school that meets once a week. You will have opportunities to ask the pastors, elders and staff real questions regarding ministry, theology and church life. It’s a great opportunity to learn the leadership’s heart for this body.

As a participant, you will be invited to engage in a small group for discussion, activation and ministry. You will also be asked questions regarding who you are, what you believe and what you are called to do. Our goal is to intentionally create a safe place within the context of community where students take risks and apply what they are learning.  At AS101 you will be heard, you will be seen, and you will be changed. Get ready to be activated!

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Scope of Study

Culture 1 - Love

Culture 2 - Revival

Culture 3 - Prophetic

Culture 4 - Restoration

Culture 5 - Prayer

Culture 6 - Honor

Class 7 - What's Next?

Other details

  • Required reading: Culture of Honor by Danny Silk, cost: $10 (payable before class starts)

  • Class will be limited to 20 students

  • Bring your lunch each week


Completion of the Intro to SRC Class, or you are a member of SRC.




Do you have a heart for restoring others? This course will serve as a first step toward performing RTF issue focused ministry. If you have already taken AS101 and are interested in this course, sign up today!

AS201 Restoration provides practical and personal applications of how to walk into your identity as a son or daughter. Join us for this 6-week course as we will be walking through the process of moving from orphan to sonship. You will learn how to identify and move beyond defeater beliefs, which operate as obstacles to your destiny.

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Dates: 10/7 - 11/18

Time: 1:30 - 3 pm

Instructors: Walter and Ida Cowart

Location: SRC Sanctuary

Scope of study

1.  Who's son are you?  Who's daughter are you? - Understanding the orphan life style.

2.  Recovering Inheritance - Exploring generational sins, curses and behavior patterns

3.  Counterfeit Identities, Defeater Beliefs - Recognizing lies about ourselves, others and God

 4.  Life's Hot Buttons - Understanding the strongholds of Shame, Fear Control and Control, Rebellion Rejection

 5.  Bumps, Bruises and Broken Hearts - Healing Life's Heart Hurts

6.   Deliver Us From Evil! - Deliverance from Demonic Oppression and how to walk as a son and daughter