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Declaration CONFERENCE
Declaration Conference March 13th thru 15th
Seattle Revival Center


Declaration Conference is an annual, prophetic conference that helps set the stage for individuals and regions.  Worshippers and key leaders of influence gather from all over the West Coast to be a part of three days of prophetic equipping, activation, and impartation.


This year we are honored to have joining us Bobby Conner, Patricia King, and Tina Southgate. Paul Keith Davis and Justin Abraham will also be speaking into the conference live, via Skype. Get ready to have your vision, purpose, and destiny reignited by the lightnings of God.



Declaration 2014

March 13-15

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Bobby Conner
Bobby Conner
Patricia King
Patricia King
Tina Southgate
Tina Southgate
Paul Keith Davis
Paul Keith Davis

                                            with his wife, Rachel lives in Cardiff the capital city of WALES in the UK. They formed the Company Of Burning Hearts ministry in 2010 to make room for new and creative ways of exploring and encountering the Spirit of Jesus both inside and outside the church, and to mentor a generation in walking with God like the mystics and saints of old in supernatural normality, compassion and intimate union.


Justin operates in a prophetic/seer gifting. The Lord is using him to equip the body of Christ for revelatory encounters and remarkable prophetic acts.



                                       is uniquely anointed with refreshing humor and razor-sharp, prophetic accuracy which has been documented around the world. Bobby's dynamic capacity to release outstanding demonstrations of the miraculous -- healings, signs and wonders -- reveals the very heart of the Father toward us! Surviving a dramatic abortion attempt by his mother, being rescued again by the hand of God from drug dealing and suicide, the story of Bobby Conner is a display of a man who now walks in his God-ordained destiny to set others free! Out of his deep intimacy with Jesus Christ, Bobby is super-sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is now doing throughout the world! The Father heart of God, expressed so beautifully through Bobby and his wife, Carolyn, lastingly transforms lives in every service. Bobby has an extensive ministry background as a Southern Baptist pastor and he ministers in a high level, proven prophetic anointing.

                                   is an internationally recognized prophet, teacher, preacher, life-coach, author, and producer/host of television programs, webcasts and videos.  Her passion is training, equipping, and inspiring believers to take the extreme love of Jesus outside the four walls of the church and to be signs-and-wonders witnesses of Jesus Christ.


She has been so changed and transformed by the everlasting love of Jesus, that she has made it her life’s work to bring this message of love to the nations and longs to see the Bride of Christ ready for His return and adorned in white linen, the righteous acts of the saints! Many of her TV Shows, messages, books and resources are filled with testimonies of the supernatural power of God working in the earth today!

                                                    was a ‘successful’ marketing manager helping several companies to launch products into niche business sectors, each of the companies doubling their turnover. Today, Tina motivates, inspires and encourages people to move forward and grow, living and working more fulfilled, more impactful, more confident and productive lives, towards achievable goals that matter. Tina Southgate is based out of Bethel Church in Redding, California and London, England.


Tina teaches people how to follow their dreams, unpack prophetic words and promises in their proper time and season, creative prophecy, evangelistic prophecy, and how to move from stuck places to intentionally bringing breakthrough, hope and freedom into each area of their lives.


                                           has written numerous articles appearing in various Christian publications, including the MorningStar Journal, Charisma and Church Growth International. He has a unique gift for imparting prophetic understanding of times and seasons with a message of preparation and expectancy for the Lord's Empowering Presence. He spent many years in extensive study, highlighting the ministry of revelation and power exemplified throughout the church ages, with an emphasis on the 20th century church. His heart’s desire is to see the full restoration of Biblical, Apostolic ministry, manifested through the Spirit of Truth residing in God’s people, expressing salvation, healing and deliverance to the Glory of God and His Christ.

Thursday - 3/13


7:00 PM - Bobby Conner




Friday - 3/14


9:30 AM - Tina Southgate


11:00 AM - Bobby Conner



2:00 PM - Patricia King


7:00 PM - Patricia King



Saturday - 3/15


9:30 AM - Tina Southgate


11:00 AM - Paul Keith Davis (Live via Skype)


2:00 PM - Justin Abraham


6:00 PM - Bobby Conner (Impartation Service)

Speaking Schedule
Justin Abraham
Justin Abraham
Check-in time Thursday, March 13th, from 5:30 - 7:30, at the designated registration area On-site registration on Friday and Saturday from 9:00AM - 9:45 AM, 1:30PM - 2:00PM, and 6:00PM - 7:20PM
Registration Pre-Registration: Before March 9th at midnight - $30 individual / $60 family On-Site Registration: $60 individual / $120 family
Meeting Times Thursday - 7 PM Friday - 9:30 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM Saturday - 9:30 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM
Declaration Conference

Unfortunately registration is now sold out!  There will be no on-site registration available.

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