Prophetic Word by Jerame Nelson for Seattle and Washington State.

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Our hope for this series is that truth would bring freedom, that mercy would eradicate shame and that the love of Christ would establish a pattern for purity that we as believers would long to guard.


Sexy Summer

I believe that, today, Father is preparing His Church for a move of God that will be fueled by His Love overflowing through us to the lost and the prodigals, to those in need of His compassion and grace.

Greg Daley


We no longer are just learning about Father’s love, but we are beginning to experience the Holy Spirit manifesting His love into our hearts and transforming our families.

The Father's Embrace

God created our minds to process thoughts based on experience. Every experience stimulates a thought which is accompanied by an emotion.

Ida Cowart

Toxic Thoughts

Leadership without love breeds dysfunction: environments and relationships that lack trust, empowerment, and the freedom to be vulnerable. We all need permission to risk, to be wrong, and to fail, without fear of being punished.

Darren Stott




There’s been something in the air lately: flying red objects that make a SPLAT when they hit their target.

The Church has found herself smack dab in the middle of a tomato war.

Darren Stott

Tomato Wars
How to be courageous

Darren Stott

Keys to overcoming fear-based paralysis.

The Holy Spirit comes with an agenda – to fuel our inner development and to bring liberty to every part of our hearts.

Darren Stott

Fruit of the Spirit notes

When it comes to being salt and light to those within the same sex attraction community, I think the Church, as a whole, has allowed the devil to define the rules of engagement.

Greg Daley


God uses an encounter with a gay man to change my heart and attitude toward those struggling with same sex attraction.

Evangelism and Homosexuality

Dive deep into this worship series that majors on the factors that motivate our expression.  Upload focuses on the importance of cultivating a life of intimacy and connection with God himself.







Just as important as receiving your healing, is MAINTAINING it.






Darren Stott

Free video teaching on physical  manifestations within church history and the Bible.

Manifest Series

My hope is that we will ask the question, “What would happen if God showed up at my work, at school, in my home, in my marriage, in my church, in my home-group or at the place where I volunteer.”






In describing the armor of God, the apostle Paul uses the analogy of a Roman soldier. Paul, being a Roman citizen, was well aware of their uniform and uses this to describe the Christian’s spiritual armor.

Greg Daley

Supernatural Summer

You cannot believe in God or the Bible without believing in the unseen!  The seen realm usually hogs the majority of every sermon series. God has an agenda – he wants the whole earth to be filled with the knowledge of his glory, as the water covers the sea (Hab. 2:14).

Darren Stott






Tipping Point Conference is now available on CD and DVD. Featuring Ray Hughes, Don Potter and more.





Tipping Point Conference Logo

In Matthew 16:18b, we read a very familiar statement of Jesus. “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

John Scheda

Jesus is building his church

In order to step into new opportunities you have to have the boldness to get out of the boat.  Pastor Greg shares what God spoke to him regarding overing timidity.

Greg Daley

Boldness - a key to success

As a pastor, I greatly value those in my life who ask me questions. These questions can reveal the extent to which I have thought something through or the aspects of a situation that I have failed to see.

Darren Stott


What you should do before making

BIG decisions

power questions

This sermon series is more than a teaching series, it is a prophetic statement; we are a watchman company that is committed to watching to see what He will say within us so that we can respond as his mouthpiece to a people on the face of the Earth today.




The Watchmen

My family and I were just sitting down to eat dinner when the phone rang. Hello? I answered. The voice on the other end was that of a young male, he began swearing and making obscene comments.

Greg Daley

The obscene phone call

We are converting from Folgers coffee to Eurasia Coffee. Eurasia Café is a Christian nonprofit that gives their profit to Eurasia projects. Eurasia Café, in partnership with the Eurasia field workers, is working to address spiritual emptiness, extreme poverty, human trafficking, refugee displacement, HIV/AIDS, education, and other issues.

Darren Stott


Justice – The act of restoring shalom and the ministering of God’s redemptive and restorative power on behalf of the helpless and hopeless. [Isaiah 1:17; Micah 6:8; James 1:27]

Evangelism Justice & Coffee

Here is my unintended weight loss story. I’m half the man I was before, 45 pounds lighter. All I wanted to do was to feel better. Ok, the harsh reality was that I wanted to overcome depression.

Chef Elon





My Unintended Weight Loss Story

In Luke’s gospel, chapter 1, is the announcement of John the Baptist’s birth, the announcement of Jesus’ birth, the visit of the two mothers, along with Zacharias’s prophecy.

Greg Daley




Path to Peace






The top grossing movies in Hollywood are those where characters with supernatural abilities step into the fractured storyline of mankind and use their power for redemptive means.   This is also the plot of the Bible!

Guerrilla Prophets

Here are 40 Healing scriptures for you to use as daily confession to increase your faith.

Greg Daley

In this teaching Pastor Darren unpacks Psalm 84 and mystery of being a dwelling place for the habitation of the Lord.

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